The Short Sale Strategy

by Maria Valenzuela on January 23, 2012

There are instances where the lender refuses a short sale because of the buyer’s offer or due to the high closing costs that can result to lower new proceeds in the lender’s side. Take note that short sales are different from foreclosures. Foreclosures are forced by a lender while the short sale is agreed by the lender or the bank and the borrower.

Many homeowners are too afraid to ask their lenders about ways on how to avoid ending up in Crosby TX foreclosures. In fact some don’t even know that short sale exist so they end up with lenders foreclosing their homes and their credit record ruined. However, the homeowner must have all the documents that can prove s/he is no longer capable of paying the remaining mortgage balance for a bank to accept a short sale offer. In other words, there has to be a valid reason or some kind of hardship that will convince the bank to allow a short sale.

For a short sale offer to be accepted, a homeowner must see to it that the property has been estimated, s/he has passed a hardship letter and the most important is that s/he must communicate with a mortgage lender to negotiate the short sale. By doing this, you’ll have high chances of getting approved of short selling for home.

The reason why banks or lenders don’t just accept any offers is that they need to see other prices of similar homes in the area. They want to avoid the expensive process of foreclosure because that would mean they have to do all the maintenance and repair when they put the property back to the market. What’s worse, they would have to price the property according to the present rate which could be really low at that time.

Mortgage lenders would rather accept a short sale offer rather than face foreclosure. In the same way, homeowners would rather request for a short sale rather than mess up their good credit record. So when a borrower or a homeowner is faced with a mortgage payment that is higher that actual value of the property, a short sale is more favorable than facing foreclosure. However, not all banks or mortgage lender will agree to accept a payoff lower than the original amount borrowed. But because they want to avoid facing foreclosure. they are more likely to accept the offer.

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