The Various Finance Options After The GFC

by Gnifrus Urquart on March 17, 2012

Numerous states have created numerous finance options after the GFC. These are various schemes and strategies created with an aim of expanding small ventures. Some state developed strategies that were useful in market expansion while others came up with various ways of easing financial difficulties. Some states were also interested with the labor market and they put up measures to reduce minimize social security charges.

There were various strategies that were utilized by many states as a way of protecting the little businesses from closing down after GFC. Many countries came up with tax policies that were supposed to lessen taxes to the small enterprises with little income. Other nations came up with useful laws that regulated the activities of the small firms.

In some regions, bureaucratic delays were removed and therefore it became easy to come up with a small or medium firms. In other regions, policies on labor market were also introduced to ensure that hiring and firing of employees was done in a fair manner. These policies ensured that every employees were handled nicely hence increasing their productivity because they will be more motivated to work.

The product market regulatory problems were also tackled in many places. This involved coming up with harsh laws against production of unsafe products and also regulation of products labeling. Also, some countries came up with strategies of enabling the small enterprises to benefit from various government supports.

Stimulation of demand was also used by many states to improve the growth of small businesses. The chief aim of this act was to improve the working capital, cash flows and sales. In order to sustain the flow of money, many nations allowed quick depreciation of the investments. Other states offered credits, deferrals, refunds and tax cuts. Majority of states came up with some laws that assisted in reducing payment delays hence solving the issue of reduced working capital in many small enterprises.

Many governments also came up with credit enhancement measures which enabled the small business to have access to liquidity. These states created and extended guarantee schemes that enabled small enterprises to borrow loans or benefit from public funding. These nations also created specific rules to solve any squabbles between small enterprises and banks. The loan guarantee schemes were famous in many countries.

An example of finance options after the GFC that was used in many countries was strengthening pro-investment measures. Some nations also opted to utilize tax incentives. Other governments offered credits or grants to the minute businesses.

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