They Do It Again – New York Real Estate Book Review

by Samantha Murphy on January 4, 2012

I would recommend this book to anyone who seriously wants to invest in foreclosures unless of course, you invest near where I do. I have read several books on buying pre-foreclosure properties, and this is the best so far. One of my investors advised me that a property owner approached him with an opportunity to purchase his property for the balance of the loan. The remaining balance of the loan was much higher than the value of the home on the market, so the investor told the owner he was not interested.

It’s a guide on how to take money from others and profit from their demise. We still don’t get it do we” A great number of websites are referenced whereas many of the other books written on the subject were written in the 80’s before the explosion of the internet. This book differs from other books on the subject in that it’s more of a how-to book than a motivational speech. Mr Lucier’s book teaches real world investors the truth about dealing in foreclosures properties. There is no hypothetical, theoretical nonsense that so many other books in this genre have, just the facts on how it really works. Having been a RE investor for quite a while, I’ve read my share of RE books. Most come up short when applied to the real world. This book even sparked a few ideas of my own. There are plenty websites in here that you will find useful as well. It is easily worth many multiples of its price. Get it and follow the advice this author provides. Having invested in these properties, and being a real estate sales agent with investors looking for such properties, the search processes Thomas Lucier suggests to find these properties are good. I have been using them and a few others for several years now.

For the amount that it cost to find out, it is worth the time to read it and the cash lay out to buy it. The content of the book is solid and practical.

If you are curious to find out whether or not real estate is for you, or a serious investor, this book will seriously assist you in making decisions. It is a complete kit for the serious investor, yet a reality check for those who are not too sure about investing into real estate.

Now that’s what I call customer service and someone who stands behind his work. This book is packed with practical, useful information. This book sits at the top of my desk, which I am using on a daily basis to successfully start my Pre-foreclosure investing. The big technique theory behind the book is sending letters that he has, but what if two people buy this book from the same area, but what if two people buy this book or other books and do the exact same thing.

The author leads you through the process, explains it, and provides sample letters and worksheets. I feel armed to more efficiently hunt down pre-foreclosure opportunities. He gives a lot of useful information on mortgage companies and how to handle yourself when negotiating with them. Also, Lucier provides links to many internet sites that can help an aspiring investor get started in the business.

It even has downloadable forms, such as letters, and notices of default. coffee table dark wood.

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