Truth About Sash Window Refurbishment Or Replacement Which Option Is The Best?

by Andrew Brentford on March 7, 2012

Sash windows remain popular even in newly built homes. Several owners of remodeled houses choose to keep them for their charm and to preserve the historical appeal. Timber windows are definitely charming and beautiful. However, they also happen to be very difficult to maintain. Most wooden windows that we see today have probably been refurbished or repaired at least once. When it comes to sash window refurbishment or replacement which option is the best?

Most people find it more practical to replace a pane rather than bother with repair. There are more modern windows that incorporate better technologies in retaining heat. These frames are draftier and noisier compared to newer windows. Aside from having better heat-retention capabilities, double-glazed or PVC windows are also more resistant to damages caused by the weather.

This reason is enough to convince anyone to get a new screen instead of bothering with repair. Nonetheless, one must also think of the benefits of repair over replacement. Wooden sashes can be as efficient as modern panes in trapping heat when they are sealed and weatherproofed. If draftiness is a major concern, then weather-proofing may be a better idea than replacing all your screens. Do the math and you may even end up saving more money.

Heavy draperies and blinds can make a noticeable difference in heat retention. If insulation is the main problem, then you may try positioning heavy curtains over drafty windows to make them more resistant to cold air. These are just some of the few alternatives to window replacement.

Most timber frames need repair or replacement due to damages caused by rain and other elements. One advantage of timber sashes over PVC ones is that they can be easily repaired. Woodwork can be handled by any carpenter without any trouble. It would be more difficult to have a PVC window repaired by a handyman in case it gets damaged.

It is recommended to take into account the cost of replacement parts. Once these factors are considered, it may help you gain better insight into the overall cost of repairing and replacing a frame. Most wooden windows have been repaired several times over the decades, which means they are sturdy enough to last for a few more years.

Check if the entire window frame needs to be replaced. Some of these screens only need to be fitted with more durable glass to make them good as new. By replacing older window panes with acoustic, hardened or security glass, you can preserve the architectural style of your home without sacrificing functionality and convenience.

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