Use Your Realtor

by Lexus Lee on February 29, 2012

If you have filled out all your paper work and are preapproved to buy a home then you need to think carefully of where you want to live. What kind of environment do you want to live in? Your neighborhood could make or break how pleased you are with your new home.

Take kids for example. If you have children or are planning on it, you will probably want to be near a good school. Research the schools in your area. Be sure to talk to the school teachers as well. Is it where you want to send your kids? Can they walk to school or do you need to drive them?

Is the neighborhood nice? Look at the overall feel of the neighborhood. Are the houses kept in good order? Do they like they are in good repair? Are they painted? Unkempt homes can drive down overall property values. Look at the lawns and shrubs. Are they green and well maintained? Are leaves or weeds littering the yard? You don’t want to live next door to the neighborhood slacker.

Do you need a shopping center close by? Do you need a convenient grocery store? Is there a lot of traffic in the area? For that matter, how far away from work are you?

What kind of neighborhoods do you like? Do you prefer older neighborhoods or a more modern style? Do you need a large yard? Some neighborhoods may have a park nearby or a creek bed where kids play and make noise.

There are so many things to think about when buying a home. Fortunately, your realtor is a great font of information. He should know all about the neighborhoods you are looking at and can pull whatever data you may need. While you may think any house will do, where you live can make your life a lot easier or a lot more difficult.

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