Was A Little Nervous Getting It – Seattle Real Estate Book Critique

by Sofia Jenkins on January 7, 2012

Once you know what to do you are “on your own” so sometimes boot camps and seminars from the “right educators” (Ron Legrand) is almost an essential part of the business. This author bundles everyone that is not him as a snake oil salesman.

They appear to cutting costs by using 50% less ink than norm. The print is fine and hard to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who is really interested in improving their income. I write to say this is the best book to start investing in pre-foreclosure. There is money to be made, but there is no glossing over or fluff because this author has no package program to sell except his book. He indicate all the places to go to find the information you will need to be successful When doing your research remember to trust no one, assume nothing, and verify everything.

He tells it like it is. This book is one of the best pre-foreclosure books out there. Don’t spend thousands on those get rich quick courses either. Spring Market starts End of February. The book covers almost all the aspect of foreclosure investing. One particular topic that intrigues me is “Subject To” mode of investing.

This book is full of details on exactly how to go about purchasing pre-foreclosure properties. Author includes websites to research for additional information, form to be used in your quest to find pre-foreclosure properties and his personal email address if you get really stuck.

While auctions do give you savings, being able to negotiate it beforehand gives you more leverage and you don’t go through the hassle of being outbid. Mr Lucier lays it out, and holds nothing back. This book should be one of several you read before venturing out on your own. As a matter of fact, I recommend you buy the same four books to get the ‘big’ picture.

I have wasted many years trying this profession with no success, because I did not have the knowledge that is provided in this book. It is a must buy! I found this book to be very useful. It applies well to pre-foreclosures overall nationwide and is especially useful if you are in Florida. Downloadable and customizable forms are a very useful tool for everyone.

As a beginner, I advise to anyone interested in pre-foreclosure investment that this is a MUST GET book. As an active real estate investor in California I found this book to be a comprehensive guide to this very specialized area of foreclosure investing.

If you are serious about this business, this would be the book to purchase. It is filled with many tips that would help both novices and experts.

I would rate this book as one of the most informative I have read on the subject. PATIOS PERTH.

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