Why Sash Window Restoration Can Raise The Sale Value Of Your Property.

by Lisa Joy Allen on December 14, 2011

How sash window restoration can increase the sale value of your property is a matter of keen interest to owners of older properties. Refurbishment will cost something, so a calculation must be made to decide whether the cost will increase the sale value commensurately.

Sash windows have panels that slide up or down. The frames are balanced by weights concealed inside boxes on each side of the frame. Ideally the frames slide effortlessly as they are balanced by the weights. They stay in place and may leave gaps at the top and bottom. This allows air to circulate through a room.

Architects have used them for dual purposes. Aesthetically they impart balance and harmony, especially in Georgian and Victorian edifices. They are distinctive aspects of architectural heritages in different parts of the world. Practically, they are essential ventilation ducts, allowing light and fresh air in and keeping out bad weather in combination with attractive curtaining.

Another merit is that even top floor windows may be cleaned on both sides. The one frame is pulled down and cleaned on both sides from within a room. Then it is pushed up, the other frame replaces it and can also be cleaned thoroughly. As frames deteriorate in the course of time this advantage may be lost.

The easy movement of frames may be impeded by swollen or warped wood in the frames or runners. Dirt and flaking paint may also play a part in cause a frame to stick fast and remain immovable despite lusty heaves and verbal encouragement from below. Thin ropes that connect weights to the frames might break or get entangled, as is their wont. Then, nothing will shift a frame and it will remain poised a few inches from the ledge, waiting to slam shut.

The wear and tear depredations on sash windows may be overcome by effective restoration. Professional restorers can return then to their pristine state. The frames will be removed and cleaned, the beading replaced and runners cleaned of dirt and excessive paint. The ropes connectingthe frames to weights will be replaced and balanced so that the frames slide effortlessly, and remain where they are left.

An agent bringing prospective buyers to view a house may pause to admire its aesthetic stature from a distance, drawing attention to the balanced elegance of the windows. An experienced buyer may purse his lips, wondering how well they work. When inside the agent may illustrate how sash window restoration can increase the sale value of your property. She may lift a frame with one little finger to admit air and allow buyer to be impressed by the garden and also by the interior fittings.

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